Facts & Figures


The UK foundry industry has bounced back after the extraordinary did in all manufacturing in the2008-10 recession with the expectation that this year's output will be around pre recession 2008 levels of turnover by both tonnage and value.

The headline figures for current output is;

  • 400 Foundries in the UK
  • Producing 523,000 tonnes of castings
  • With a turnover of £2.2Bn
  • And Employing 17,000 people

The industry withstood the recession with few losses due to the expertise of the management, flexibility of employees, and an understanding within the industry that to withstand such a swift and massive drop in output and to be able to recover equally swiftly, the whole industry needed to work together. The UK foundry industry has emerged stronger and better able to withstand future changes in the economy.