Why Foundries are vital

e have been casting metal in Britain since the Bronze Age. The casting of metal in foundries was the start of the Industrial Revolution and the UK still leads the way in new innovations and techniques in the casting industry. Casting line

From these traditional roots the UK foundry industry has developed into an exciting hi-tech area to work in, with many UK foundries employing world class manufacturing techniques and has completely transformed from the dirty foundry image of the ‘60's and ‘70's.

Foundries are important to the success of UK manufacturing, employing 22,000 people and contributing £1.8Bn to the UK economy. Despite a difficult period during the recession.

  • No major UK foundries have disappeared
  • Production is rapidly returning to pre 2008 levels
  • UK foundries are busy and taking orders

Rationalisation and global competition have taken out the old and inefficient companies leaving a vibrant and innovative industry that often leads the world.

While foundries tend to be located in the more industrial regions of the UK such as the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside, they are also major employers in small rural towns right across the country.

UK foundries produce castings in a wide range of metals, sizes, quantities, and shapes from a 325 tonne steel press body to tiny intricate gold jewellery, a million identical aluminium car components to a single iron sculpture. For more detailed, technical information on the production of metal castings visit our sister site at http://www.castmetalsfederation.com/ .